Your partner for tailor made software solutions

We develop software for individual customer requirements!

A tailor made software solution is optimally adapted to the business processes of the customer, easy to use, individually configurable and has a modular design. The customer decides how the software solution will look like and what functions will be implemented. The individuality in software development offers your business the opportunity to realize their own ideas and to respond quickly to changing market requirements. Thus, your company gains a competitive advantage.

An investment in IT projects is a matter of trust. Years of experience in software engineering, design and implementation of software projects form the solid foundation of Bulpont. We keep up with the constantly changing IT technologies to make secure our customers investments in the field of programming on a long term.

For the realization of our customer projects we use modern development tools and rely on proven design patterns and standards.




System development

We have many years of experience in web-based system development or microsites creation.

  • We have a broad industry know-how. Thus, your needs are quickly understood and created an optimal IT architecture for this.
  • We have a proven, ready-admin interface based on MVC, with a core team of experienced developers. Thus, the development time can be very shortened. See for yourself and test online -

Our core competences in the field of database systems are

  • Modelling, Data Analysis
  • Data-Mining, Defining target groups for your business
  • Optimization, Benchmarking
  • Data Cleaning, Deduplication
  • Offline-Online Synchronisation using Open Source Technology

We have experience with following database servers: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, FileMaker, postgreSQL

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Development

We program Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

We gladly consult You and make the concept together for your mobile app and program it. After the end of the project we would support you and develop new features for your application.


Modern and user-friendly Webdesign

Customized Websites & Interfaces

Our core competence is the implementation of homepage designs that can not be usefully implemented with a standard open-source CMS due to the requirements. We create professional sites or take over the maintenance and can upgrade existing instances.

If the site must be dynamically synchronised or linked to other systems (such as CRM, ERP, newsletter service, membership database, web services, etc.), we program the required interfaces quickly and inexpensively.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing requires expertise - both strategically and in the technical implementation. The interdisciplinary Bulpont team offers support and solutions.

For example:
Personalized bulk e-mail
Internet Marketing (competitions, surveys, promotions, etc.)
SMS Marketing

Bulpont - Your IT-Partner


You are looking for a reliable and cost-efficient IT partner? We would gladly work with You! Just contact us - via email, skype or phone!